Sustainability Principles and Objectives Framework (SPO Framework)

Historically, businesses have primarily focused on maximizing stockholder value. As a Delaware public benefit corporation and a certified B Corporation we strive to prioritize positive outcomes, not only for our stockholders, but for all stakeholders, including employees, customers, the community, and the environment. The Business Roundtable’s August 2019 statement on the purpose of a corporation articulated that stakeholder-based capitalism will shift from being the exception to the rule. We believe that shift is already underway.

That is why we believe it is important that we clearly articulate for all stakeholders our performance against, and commitment to, a set of environmental, social, and governance, or ESG, criteria, which we call the Sustainability Principles and Objectives Framework, or the SPO Framework. We believe that stakeholders will benefit from knowing that we have been assessed by one or more independent third parties as having satisfied objective, clearly defined ESG criteria and that we are committed to meeting high ESG standards across our business. The SPO Framework was created in conjunction with, and supported by, an Advisory Council coordinated by BSR, several cross-sector thought-leaders, market participants, and stakeholders from the private and public sectors.

SPO Highlights

Sustainability Principles & Objectives Framework Website

To learn more about SPO Framework, Criteria, and the Advisory Counsel, please visit

ISS ESG Verification Report

We worked with ISS ESG, an independent third party with expertise in ESG and analysis, to assess and evaluate our performance against the SPO Framework Criteria.

Commitment Letter

As part of Allbirds’ dedication to its stakeholders through the SPO Framework, Allbirds has outlined a set of forward-looking commitments.

SPO Update

Update to the commitments made to its stakeholders through the Sustainability Principles and Objectives Framework.